Whelp, I Guess  I’m a 23 year old Dude, deffinately classify myself as a gamer, somewhere between casual gamer and hardcore, though i am not exactly sure wherein the differentiation lies.

Too many people call themselves GEEKS today in my opinion, The term itself is on it’s way to losing all its meaning.I really feel the need to say this though… WATCHING BIG BANG THEORY DOESN’T MAKE YOU NERDY OR GEEKY.  So many people are jumping on that bandwagon it’s getting a little crazy. for the record i LOVE BBT, watched every episode at least twice, but people… stop letting your hobbies define you… define yourselves.

i’d have to Grade myself somewhere between Awesome and Godly if the standards are at my disgression,

I say this because “coolness” is only in the eyes of ourselves. I reserve the right to call myself Goddamn Awesome!, kno why, because the things i do in leisure, i enjoy, and if i enjoy it, it’s officially cool, and if i do almost exclusively cool things, Well that makes me pretty damn awesome don’t you agree?

if those “cool” things happen to include  PC gaming, PC building, watching Anime while grinding an MMO, and Playing D&D on the weekends well so be it.

I don’t care about religous drivel and belief systems, if you’re interested on discussing that check out >> http://vathev.wordpress.com/dpress.com/<&lt; here on the other hand, you will only find trolls, how do i know that? because i’ll be the first troll.
Trolls are welcome here, nothing like a senseless pontless argument to get those human genes all puffed up right? RIGHT!


So yeah that’s about it, i should warn everyone now though, i’m a PC gamer, so i have soooo many games backlogged thanks to steam sales that i am still in the process of finishing the main story  in FARCRY 3 so most of you will have already finished any game i really would mention here.




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