What Verizon is now allowed to do

AS of today, Verizon Internet is no longer bound by the laws of net neutrality,

What is net Neutrality? Net neutrality essentially says that an ISP can sell connection to the internet, but not sell its content. Essentially this is what separates Cable service from internet service.

I fully condone that these ISP’s are businesses that need to make money, and they ARE! If you want to charge me more for a fast connection? fine by me. I currently pay for nearly the top tier of service my ISP provides, which costs me $1100 a year. which I don’t even contest, I pay for the service it is their right to charge me whatever they want. As their consumer I have the choice to either pay for their service, or to go elsewhere.

HOWEVER, I REFUSE to accept any ISP that charges me extra for content that IS NOT THEIRS. Netflix, youtube, facebook, google…. these aren’t things my cable company owns, or supports in ANY way. In what way should they be able to chop it up like cable and then sell it back to us on top of what we already pay to access it.


this site shows each of the major IPS’s current standing on net neutrality.

Verizon’s response is quite vague and filled with buzz words, but responses from time warner and Comcast are a bit softer. I’ll be watching my bill and internet access closely for a while.

I only wish i was a verizon service holder so i could call them right now and cancel it. I am a consumer, I am willing to pay what’s fair for what i want. If they want to charge me $90 a month for their high speed “BLAST!” package, fine by me, i PAY for the bandwidth, I RECIEVE the bandwidth. I can’t dispute that, but now they can charge for how fast AND to what i can connect? buddy stop right damn there?

Bullshit… bullshit, bullshit BULLSHIT!

I hope that the big boys like google and youtube REFUSE to pay the isp’s for their “FAST LANE”

How can we stop it though?
Well if the biggest contenders,
Netflix 32%
Youtube 19%
Bit Torrent 4%
Itunes 3.3%
Amazon 2%
facebook 1.3%
hulu 1.3%

refuse to pay the isp’s more for this “fast lane” service then it will prove to have no benefit whatsoever to 76% of all internet usage. If of course they get slowed down, like of course the isp’s are claiming they WOULDN’T do. well then all they’ve accomplished is slowing down the internet, and hopefully a new isp that DOESN’T employ such tactics will rise in popularity, such as google fiber.

We can’t afford not to act on this one guys and girls, we need to be active, we need to get involved to remind these giants that we are customers, not brainless consumers.


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