Swearing has a wonderful effect, are you ruining it?

Swearing has a wonderful effect, are you ruining it?

Okay, this is just a quick one, but it’s something i really believe and try to practice as an everyday theory. Swearing has several very useful purposes, certain words in our english language have what i like to call “shock value” These words communicate with our brains on a different level from the background, to get logistics out of the way quickly, lets define swearing. swearing is using deliberately offensive terms, many of them are instantly recognizable such as a particular letter starting with s that rather coarsely refers to solid excrement.

Swearing is a wonderful tool, saying something that you know you shouldn’t creates a feeling of daring and circumstance when used. It’s FUN, the use of expletives have been shown to reduce sensations of pain, and release tension, but this doesn’t depend on your audience. My favorite use of offensive language is in argument, the use of terms with inherent shock value can be extremely useful, exceptionally so when the other person is not listening and you can tell their time not talking is entirely thinking of what they are going to say next.

To me, swear words should be like a woman’s shrill cream in a crowd, it breaks flow, it triggers an inherent reaction, and draws attention for a moment, in which case you have the undivided attention of the listener. Like a scream in a crowd, it should snap attention. The downside for this though, is that for the strike an expletive dagger to be effective, it must be kept sharp, and out of sight. If you dance around twirling the dagger in your hand swinging it’s blade recklessly, it does two things, potentially make your listener uncomfortable, negatively distracting the listener from your points, and it prepares them, if they see you swinging a dagger wildly and then see you swing it at them, they will jump back, they know what’s coming.

If you think of an argument as a fistfight, and using words with inherent shock value as this dagger i described just now, the most effective way is to participate in the fist fight as if unarmed, only pulling the dagger from your cloak in the midst of a grapple and striking your target quickly and efficiently.

For that reason, in both argument, and iteration, swearing definitely has its place, but one that should be a place of disuse until it is needed.



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