Excitement in the gaming industry, huge upset! AMD R9-290X or as i like to call it “Titan-shall-fall”

AMD has saved the best for last as always, and good god was it worth the wait. Introducing the Brand new, hot off the silicon press, The Amd r9-290X sound like a complicated name? too bad, remember it anyway, very rarely does something come along in the gaming industry that gets me this excited, don’t get me wrong, new hardware releases are always rife with excitement, as the flagship cards of the new generation hit the ground showing what’s in store for the current gen gamer, but this is different, this is your favorite team making it to the superbowl, and EMBARASSING the other team.

Alright, enough of me fanning the flames of excitement. on to business, Amd’s new line is simply a refinement of their current gen cards with totally revamped circuitry. Now it’s no big secret that for a little while now the Nvidia heavyweight GTX Titan has run largely unopposed in the ring of graphical superiority for a while now, but that’s been the trend ever since Nvidia released the 8800gtx back in 2006, Nvidia is usually present with a bit faster card than their opposition, at a premium price of course. For a while now the $1000 gtx titan has sat atop the throne at the pinnacle of performance among the extremely competitive realm of PC hardware, and while not completely dethroned (the titan still outperforms the 290x in 1 of the 32 games benchmarks have been performed under, though i suspect a driver update will change this.) There is surely going to be some recoil as this new card , that beats it (almost) across the board is half the price.

Wait what!? you heard right, that was not a typo, the launch price of the R290x is 549.99 for the reference and some aftermarket versions creaping up to 579, It also blasts away the 7gtx 780 ($100 more) and of course the 770 is far outside of it’s price point and dwarfed in performance. The scalability of these cards has also demonstrated to be extremely good for crossfire applications, some games showing scaling as significant as 95%, but of course that’s not par for the course as any crossfire setup is only as good as its drivers.

these cards also run HOT, they’re DESIGNED to run super hot. the target core temperatures of these devices is 95C, which it shares with the 280x and 270x respectively, and benchmarks show temps are very stable at that 94C even with 15% overclocks, and i have confidence that AMD’s engineers would not release a card that runs that hot without considering all the effects it would have under sustained heavy use.

I just upgraded in january, but these are reaaallly tempting.. hmm, may have to add this to my wedding registry


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