Geekdom is IN?… WAIT… WHAT? I’m Guilty too!

That’s right, Geek culture is hotter than ever, so much so that we are starting to get people that WANT to be seen and be observed as into geekdom. It’s the new cool thing to do.

I myself even blasted this concept in my about page, which i am going to leave as is with an edit at the end confessing my guilt in saying. As a keen advocate of standing behind what you say, rather than denying you ever said it, I feel it is my duty as such.

“Geeky” interests have been rising steadily since the 90’s, and you know what!? that’s AWESOME. The numbers of posts people write about ” I like Final Fantasy, You like Basketball, why can’t we just get along” is through the roof, and those people have pretty much gotten what they wanted, they found an entire culture where they can be accepted. NOW all of a sudden, it’s cool, and people who many WOULDN’T consider geeks have started turning up at conventions and comic book stores to show their support for what they like. How is that any different from that argument you had with someone 5 years ago where they questioned your interests and you pretty much told them ” Listen our interests are different, that’s all, we both still members of the same species.

What the hell happened that now, just because maybe they don’t sway quite as far as you/we/I do into our interests, we want to ostracize THEM for doing exactly what we did. That’s right, they’re in the same position we were when we first decided to play Dungeons and Dragons on Sunday afternoons rather than watch football. Unless i have some exceptionally young readers, which i doubt i do, you all remember this right?

One thing i will stand behind in my “about” page, is that i don’t believe in there being a line. There is no line between being a geek and not being a geek, and the work geek doesn’t really mean anything, we just kinda plaster it over anything we seem to like for the same reasons as things in the past you were called a geek for liking. It’s totally possible to like Baseball AND Lord of the rings, i know it is because one of my buds is a walking encyclopedia of both sports stats AND the Marvel/DC universes/ Multiverses. It takes just as much courage for them to show up at the con as it did for you then when your friends found out you were into anime and teased you about “cartoon porn” until either they realized it didn’t bother you, or you hauled off and popped him/her one and ended their fun with a black eye.  I for one would like to take this opportunity to congratulate those people who are proud to speak out about  what they enjoy, and not hide it away like some dirty little secret.  If you like Comic Books, and you go to a comic book convention, or just into a comic book store, I sincerely hope that you feel welcome, and hold your head high.  Whether you’re 4ft 8 with thick glasses and at least 5 devices on you that can access the internet at moment’s notice,  are a 6 ft 4 fitness enthusiast with smokin hot babe on your arm,  or if you are that girl… (or any kind of girl for that matter.) You’re here for the same reason we are, to score some sweet comics, dvd’s, figurines, memorabilia, D20’s, or pretty much anything Stan-Lee/ Joss Whedon have ever touched.


So what does this mean for us the consumers? will this larger market cause the focus to shift to pleasing everyone rather than catering to the dedicated fan base? or does this mean that as shown by the avengers, ( and it’s record crushing billion box office dollars within 19 days of its release) that more fans = more money = more content.  I quite like the latter, because you know what? I’m tired of paying $100+ dollars for 24 episodes of an anime.  If you’ve looked around at a con you know exactly how costly it can be for officially licensed manga, animes, comic books, figurines, video games,  what have you. Call it a pipe-dream, but maybe if the audience grows, the price per consumer will shrink, and the developers may actually make MORE money as people spending less per item start paying for more of the things they actually use, and end up spending the same amount of money, but  doing less streaming/ pirating. I would MUCH sooner watch blue-rays of my favorite items than stream them off Hulu and Netflix, and the other less… legal… streaming sites, but I need to eat occasionally too, and when box sets sell for 50-100 bucks a season, a decision has to be made.


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