Gameplay Videos figured out, and Twitch TV

Finally got Everything dialed in for recording videos. Took a bit of trial and error to find a recording software that’s free, allows voice over, records at a smooth frame-rate, lets me record in hd, (many free ones don’t like my screen resolution at 2048×1152) doesn’t glitch or jump, and that i can use without really noticing it. Turns out i can’t find one, so i gave in and bought Fraps.

Fraps isn’t without it’s issues though, it took some fine tuning to get it set up to record in 30 fps while actually playing the game at 120, which led to a few games where in game it was amazing, but the output video was around 6 fps, which sucks because i have a vid of an insane arms race match where i got 2 ultras and a fantastic, but it’s so painful to watch at 6 fps it’s useless, oh well. Also Fraps is RIDICULUS with it’s file sizes. i had a 12 minute video that was 48 gigs! Whatever, that’s why i bought that 2 tb hard drive I suppose.

What you see here is the final product. I am really liking recording gameplays and Am going to try and do some other games now since everything is dialed in a little better.

Now i just need to decide what games to play, and maybe rope in some viewers.

More videos on the way on youtube under channel “Lord_Aoshi”
and I’m probably going to start broadcasting on my TwitchTV account “Lord_Aoshi”


any suggestions for entertaining Videos greatly appreciated


Lord Aoshi out


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