Sleepers, always the most fun to drive and own.

Sleepers, for me, always WAY more fun than flashy or fancy.

Well by reading the title you already probably have an idea that it’s not as unassuming as it looks, but if you were to be say a cop a few cars back, i’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have NEARLY the attention that the 97 honda civic next to me with the resonator delete, booming exhaust, flared wheel arches, and stretched tires is enjoying. And compared to that red Scion with a bodykit, decals, and suspiciously loud Waste-Gate, you might not even SEE me. But I’m there. In my humble Beige mid-sized sedan, all my windows are up, probably a little bit of bass escaping from my stereo that you may be able to hear, but with that 94 Buick century’s trunk rattling from what i would assume are a few 12’s, why would you even think to look at me. My exhaust is almost silent just sitting her idling,i suppose you might say almost suspiciously quiet, but we’re at a red light on a 3-lane highway in a full grid of cars, and that civic driver just made eyes with the scion’s owner. They’re not stupid enough to open up right in front of a cop, but wait, he’s in the right turn lane, he won’t be around at the next light, this might get interesting.

The light turns green and everone puts on the civil peace loving driver faces as we patiently watch in our mirrors as the officer’s path diverges from ours. The next light’s red two, we’re 3 wide, and there’s nothing but open highway for over a mile ahead, it’s so empty, it’s begging to be utilized. They see it too, i hear the unpleasant sound of an un-muffled honda engine flatulating in the far lane. It’s met by the unmistakeable sound of a turbo spooling and dumping as the scion snorts in response. This is the moment where i love my car the very most. This is a sleeper driver’s dream. I know I’m about to blow their minds. They don’t even realize I’m here, That’s always the best. Savoring the moment I disengage my traction control and eco-tune, the engine letting out a little snarl with the press of the buttons as the tac blips to 1500 then falls back to idle.

Green lights and tires chirp, that annoying honda booming away, god i just wanna pause time and put a new muffler on that thing. I pull out at quarter throttle, limited slip diff keeping everything in check, then it’s flat to the floor as the little snarl turns into an angry growl, the honda’s a length or two behind me but the scion’s only a nose behind. Too bad he’s about to shift and i’m just hitting my power band. 4500rpm, I’m pushed into my seat as full power comes in. 2 lengths, 3, 4, 5, 6 all the way up to 7000 i’m held fast to my seat, i’m held fast until there is a gentle lurch forward, as second gear is selected. The surge hits again as the scion is shrinking in my rear view mirror, but i can still hear the whistle of it’s turbo. Into third, I don’t hear a turbo anymore, he’s like a matchbox car in my rearview mirror. It was over too fast. I shift into fourth and let off the gas.

A long exhale as the speedometer needle leisurely drifts down to legal highway speed, well, almost legal. Traction control – on, Eco mode – Enabled. I turn off the highway and three minutes later i am backing into my garage. I press the button on my visor and the garage door comes back down. When I grab my laptop bag off the passenger seat I catch my own eyes in the rear view mirror, I pause to admire my own smirky grin as i take off my sunglasses and stow them in their compartment. I pull the key from the ignition and spin the ring around my pointer finger a few times as i walk towards my house, I can feel that grin’s not gone. Another work day completed, now what do i want for dinner, and what game do i want to play.

Two days in a row for daily prompts. I’m Liking whoever’s coming up with these topics, because they always make me think.


11 thoughts on “Sleepers, always the most fun to drive and own.

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