Now You’re Playing With POWER!

Via knife party’s Power Glove, which is an AMAZING track by the way.

This isn’t really Poetry or photography, or mine really, i have talked to the guy though.

The only reason I am really posting this is because it made me think, and i suppose that’s the whole point of these daily topics isn’t it?

Pretty much this is just a little observation about the power of peripherals. I am in the process of building one of these for myself… well the playseat part, maybe not the 15-20 grand worth of hardware for forceful simulation like this guy, ( this is a 4DoF extreme edition which costs as much as ” a middle class car”  (I PROMISE THOUGH, ONE DAY!!!) Currently i Just have the Logitech G27 wheel shifter and pedal set, clamped to my desk, 3 monitors, and 5.1 surround sound for the whole room with me as the focused center point.

People Always comment on this set up when they see it , and some laugh a little and call me a nerd… until they try it…. then of course they always want one. Whether it’s a full blown force feedback simulator (Like the one above), a full surround immersion simulator (Like Mine), or just a racing wheel and pedals. You won’t understand how much this adds to the experience until you’ve actually tried it.

Even without simulated G-force, just having wheel in your hand, your foot on the clutch, and your hand on ready to dive to the familiar six speed shifter at moment’s notice. The sensation of holding the gas pedal flat to the floor on a long straight as a tight corner rapidly approaches, until that last possible second before ceremoniously slamming on the brakes before a tight corner.  Making that split second decision what gear you want to use on your exit.  Blipping the Throttle in the middle of the corner to rev-match the virtual engine before you dump the clutch and powering out of the corner to shave those precious tenths of seconds off your lap time.  I’t obviously nothing like the real thing, but it’s still a rush when you cross the finish line and set a new record lap time.

I was going to talk about more than just racing sims, but sadly my 15 minutes are up, and i spent too much time romanticizing my sim racing experience.

for making me want the work day to be over so i can go home a tackle my favorite track in my virtual BMW M5


11 thoughts on “Now You’re Playing With POWER!

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