new 4770k is in, I gave it a baptism by recording some Combat Arms Vids

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I mentioned in my previous post that I had gotten a new processor for my main gaming rig. I didn’t realize my Phenom II X4 was such a bottleneck, but jeez is there a big difference. Before, recording dropped my into serious lag, now i rock round 300 fps while recording, it’s nuts, If you told me this would happen before I’d have called you a liar, but results are results.

If you happen to play combat arms, or are interested in one of the best completely free shooters i’ve played ( arctic combat is pretty good, but i prefer this) Check out and hop in for free.

In case you’re thinking ” my pc probably couldn’t play that” you’d be pretty surprised actually, it’s very efficiently coded, all my laptops ( including my acer aspire 3100 from 2006) can play it smoothly with the “auto detect graphics options” box checked.

here’s the low down (according to fraps)

My rig: max settings @2048×1152
XF-off 980 fps XF-enabled 1400+ fps

Living room rig ( XFX-HD4890BE) : max settings @1080p

Asus G60vx (laptop, GTX260m) max settings @1366@786

Hp pavilion dv600 (8600gtm, 2005) auto detect
65 fps

Acer Aspire 3100 (ati1200m) min settings
52 fps

So it’s a really great game you can play with your friends from anywhere for free, you can use a console controller that connects via usb if you want as well.

Anyway, my new Processor and MOBO are vreakin sweet, and if you play combat arms, my name there is “Lord_Aoshi” so give me a shout


One thought on “new 4770k is in, I gave it a baptism by recording some Combat Arms Vids

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