Is everyone tired of the console wars now? Me too, but this is amazing.

As a die hard PC gamer, there are few topics i care about less than this battle, and the arguments that ultimately devolve into petty name calling and squabbling.

I’m not going to get into this either, because i am HORRENDOUSLY biased. My opinion won’t mean a thing because i’ve been Xbox all the way this time.
i use an xbox controller on my steam box in the living room to play my steam games, and i also OWN an Xbox for the sole purpose of playing games what are not released on PC.Which is something i find really stupid!!! They were MADE on PC’s, TESTED on PC’s, and even DEMOED on PC’s. So there’s NO WAY I will believe for a second that ” oh the pc conversion is costly”, or any reason for a game not to have a PC release, other than Pure marketing and sales tactics.

What I AM going to briefly touch upon though, is why all this argument, comparing, competition, and controversy. Is actually EXTREMELY beneficial for everyone in the world who likes to play games, whether it be on an Xbox, Playstation, wii, or PC.

I’ll preface this with the fact that I’ve been an active gamer for going on 4 gens now. The Nintendo 64 and Playstation were the first systems i was really old enough to form a strong Opinion between. and when xbox, playstation2, and gamecube were hitting shelves, I was there. By the time Xbox 360 was around i had already been baptized into PC gaming, and I’d found my rightful place, but i still followed because it was exciting. Now with Gen 4 consoles’ “Days til Release Countdowns breaking into the double digits, I Get to witness it all again.

What I’ve learned is, the formula for a platform’s ultimate success is as follows.
20% hardware (the console and available peripherals themselves)
10% Availability and exposure (price, and access to the system itself)
70% the games

That’s right, think about it guys, The make or break of ANY platforms is the availability of games people want to play. The case and point of this is the Wii-U. It really is a great piece of hardware, and it brought a new concept that really could be interesting. It’s got a pretty powerful GPU and processor too, but there are ( as of august 2013) 137 TOTAL games available for it. That’s counting every single title from wii fit, to angry birds, to galaga and street fighter clasic renderings, to pikmin 3. That’s all of them. Ps3 by comparison has 793. and that exludes playstation arcade games, that’s 793 launched PS3 titles. The wii U is twice as powerful as the ps3, and costs about 100 dollars more per The Wii U is still regarded as a huge flop though, and it’s pretty widely reasoned to lack of games. This problem is also shared by the PS Vita.

So back to topic, The PS4 does clearly beat out the XbOne across the board for GPU, CPU, and memory speed by an average of 15%. Though that comparison doesn’t seem to carry any weight when i bring up that my PC hedges out the ps3 by somewhere between 179% and 290% (variance based on theoretical min/max performance by investigators at, and thermal limitations on clock rate estimated at The important thing though as i mentioned above, is the games, and how well they will use these new pieces of hardware, this will push the Game developers to really test the limits of each system on launch day with their launch titles.

So really when you think about all the attention we are giving these devices , and how much pressure we are putting on each to perform, is actually going towards making sure that these new platforms are having everything done that they can to make sure that their games look and play the best they possibly can. That’s a goal i can really get behind personally, competing systems means better games, means happier me playing them in the future. So thank you argumentative folks on the internet, for making sure that next years triple A games are out of this world.

If anyone would like to submit their opinions on the upcoming releases i’d be happy to debate them in the comments, i did a great deal of research on both of them to come up with the performance comparison listed above.


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