That’s an awful lot of rule bending.

That’s an awful lot of rule bending.

I don’t know if i like having the authorities cheat the system when my free life hangs in the balance here. People need search warrants for a reason. 

I’m a strong advocate of i’d sooner see 10 murderers go free than a single person sentenced to prison unfairly, even a “short” 6 month sentence can have perilous effects on one’s life even after being released.  again i hit on this poor kid that joked on facebook and was in prision for 6 MONTHS before someone set him free. As someone who isn’t very good at watching what i say i am scared for my own safety here. i wouldn’t do well in prison, and not many companies will want a SYS. ADMIN with a criminal record. essentially, even a wrong accusation could ruin my life, and that legitimately scares me. 

Another thing is pen-testing. If someone were to search my work machines they’d find an array of tools that you would also find on a hacker’s computer, WHY? because they’re the same tools you use to test if your system is VULNERABLE.

The way the government operates right now, any breach of a person’s privacy has the possibility of destroying their lives, That there are so many is frankly terrifying.


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