pretty significant list of reasons 9/11 couldn’t have happened as they say it did, also a little rant about government policy.

pretty significant list of reasons 9/11 couldn’t have happened as they say it did, also a little rant about government policy.

Now i don’t really  consider myself a conspiracy theory junkie, but i’ve heard so much about this now, and this is the first time i’ve come across one layed out very well with facts that all check out.

Even if they DIDN’T have something to do with the attacks on the trade centers, the pentagon thing is flat out impossible, and once one part is impossibly layed out, this whole illusion sort of fades doesn’t it.

the second video in that link is especially conclusive , in showing how hilariously implausible what the official story is , it raises the question why would they lie? why would they now show every clip they have of ” the arabs attacking us” That’s what thedid with the towers? that’s what they do with EVERY SINGLE OTHER CONFLICT we aren’t at fault in.


It was a very famous movie that said “the government should be held accountable for its actions” , and what the government wanted was something to drive the american public into a frenzy, and that’s how they used it.  Is it a plausible accusation that our government would take an end justifies the means approach in something like this?
You can answer that one for yourselves. But onto more recent matters.

THE MONITORING AND ARCHIVING OF EVERYTHING that the government has been actively involving itself in. Disregarding whatever your opinion of the previous matter is, the 6 month ( and technically still current) imprisonment of a young boy after an argument on facebook, and whatever else is happening right now that the country is blissfully unaware of. The official stance of the government is

” if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.”

has ANYONE who’s said that in any book, movie, or history text. EVER come out in the end as the hero, or even just NOT AWFUL?

As a Sys. Admin ( a title i share with mr. Snowden) i am PAINFULLY aware of how much data can be gathered without ever even setting foot on your property. and it’s pretty well established that context is not a priority for those monitoring the information. nor is it something they even read into ( clearly indicated by the LoL incident) thank God for the kind soul that bailed him out by the way, seriously if you’re the one who did that and you’re reading this right now, your kindness in that act exceeds the bounds of conventional goodness and flows freely into saintly.

In conclusion, The government is doing something, and i have a feeling it’s not planning a giant surprise party either, they are doing whatever it takes to further their agenda and i think it is FILTHY.




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