The inside of the meat industry , and why becoming a vegetarian doesn’t help the situation at all.

Today i am posting 2 videos, but not featuring either of them because they are extremely graphic and i didn’t want images of either of them to be featured on my homepage, where someone who would not want to see them would be forced involuntarily.

VIDEO 1 a rather horriffically graphic Vegan Guilt/scare video that features illegal policies and practices, and many hidden camera clips that have actually gotten slaughter facilities hefty fines, or even shut down.

VIDEO 2 demonstrates a properly executed Slaughter facility, which is in full accordance with laws for Humane slaughter and meat production.

first lets address a few things that the First video says that are blatently inaccurate

As opposed to the repeated claim that “carbon dioxide suffocation is torturously painful” it is actually incredibly painless, the animal feels no pain at all, the brain becomes starved for oxygen and they become a little light headed, and then their vision goes hazy and then their brain shuts down and it “goes dark” for them, their brain is technically ” dying” for about 4-8 minutes, but they have no consciousness of anything past the moment it gets dark, there isn’t even shortness of breath because CO2 replaces oxygen, rather than just depriving the animal of it.

2. the video claims it hurts chickens to be picked up by their legs and “tossed” , anyone in ANY chicken industry will tell you that this is the only way to safely handle a chicken, other than cradling them, which is very difficult to perform safely and the chicken will very likely wriggle free and fall and run around a potentially dangerous environment.

ALRIGHT now that everyone is properly versed on what is and isn’t actually happening in the LEGAL slaughter industry,  lets address the human opinion towards eating meat. There seem to be 3 distinct groups on this matter:
The ” animals are for petting not eating, Meat is murder” group, the “Meat is fine, but the animals must be treated with respect” group, and the Group that simply don’t care, all they want is cheap meat with total disregard of where it came from.

I think that basically sums up the three groups at work here, and i’ve deduced that the REASON that “barbaric” slaughterhouses exist is due to the first and last groups i mentioned, that’s right, I just said that the “meat is murder” group is just as guilty as the ” give me a steak right now i don’t care what you have to do to get it” group.

If this doesn’t make sense to you, then you’ll need to get into the mindset of someone who OWNS a slaughterhouse, because they want what every business owner wants, money. Quick kill, humane systems like the one in the second video are quite expensive, it’s much much cheaper to cut corners.Additionally, buying these machines would also require some of the cost to be passed on to the customer. Either way, the bottom line is money.


– “meat is murder” group – they do NOT care about you, you will not endorse their product no matter what they do to please you. There is ZERO incentive for the meat industry to even listen to what you have to say.

– ” I don’t care give me a steak” group –  You’re going to give them your money no matter what, and  what’s worse, you are going to shop for competition, and buy the cheapest meat available. actually DETERRING the industry from buying the proper equipment and using the proper policies.

– The “meat eaters who care” – group is really the only group that have any power to alter things within the industry. You are consumers who may be willing to pay a little more for a quality business that has its priorities in line, rather than a corner cutting, rule bending, slaughterhouse supplied meat product.

THAT is how you can improve the lives of these animals, not smear campaigns on the industry, not putting yourself on a vegan pedestal and completely sidestepping the market, and most certainly not by just ignoring the issue.

If you really want to improve the quality of life of these animals, you as a consumer must speak out when buying your various meat based products, and tell the industry in practice, that you’re a human at the top of the food chain, but you won’t endorse these shoddy practices because you also have principles.

So choose your stance people, and if you just don’t happen to want to eat meat, that’s just fine too. but please don’t think that you’re improving the lives of thousands of cattle from your choice, you’re maybe saving on average the .275 of a cow that the average human eats per year. so if you live to be 80 and have never indulged in a single morsel of tasty animal flesh, there’s 22 cows that didn’t have to die to feed you. I suppose you can be proud of that if you want.


4 thoughts on “The inside of the meat industry , and why becoming a vegetarian doesn’t help the situation at all.

  1. What your saying here totally makes sense, as a vegetarian myself, I do not oppose others eating meat and I agree that those who do should help to make this a humane industry. However, I think you are overlooking the full reason that people become vegetarian, personally, it had nothing to do with the way the animals were being killed, but to do with the fact that they were being killed at all, and that I didn’t want to eat that. Anyway, great argument and I love how logical you are 🙂

    • You know i actually thought about that after i posted this entire thing, unfortunately the concept of splitting the non meat eating group into two groups of ” i don’t eat meat and nobody else should either” and the ” I don’t want to eat meat personally, but i’m not opposed to the concept of others doing it”, Perhaps because i don’t see much of the latter, however i think it’s a case of the squeaky wheel gets the grease on the matter, due to the second group being good people and not being in your face about how awful you are every time you but on your murderous facepoint and scuffle down to mcdonalds with your spear and bow and arrow to go murder yourself a burger.

      I think i will actually do an edit and mention this actually,

      thanks so much for the input, and also for being a non-in-your-face-vegetarian. I happily respect Anyone’s dietary decisions, as long they don’t include throwing red paint on me every time i order a chicken strip.

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