Nothing to Prove

Maybe i’m in the wrong? I’m legitimately not sure on this one, When i posted my About page a few weeks ago i was a little harsh on people that call themselves geeks whom, i didn’t think deserve to classify themselves as “geeks”,

my issue wasn’t an attempt to be elitist, it’s just that i don’t think we should classify people like that based on such a wide variety of interests. SO many titles have been dropped in recent society, it’s not about judging anymore, it’s about equality.

Why should anyone be Branded by what they like? I mean come on people…

The recent trend is that “you should be proud to be a geek” I disagree. Just be proud to be yourself. You hide your personalities behind this banner of geekdom, But is that what you really want? You want your unique blend of interests to be blended into this big vat of what people perceive to be geekdom?

I mean i am glad to see that people are finally standing up and being vocal about what their interests are, but when you hide behind the “geek” banner, It doesn’t say anything about you. It doesn’t inspire the thought “oh this person’s not so different” . What hiding behind the Geek banner does is highlight you as “one of those people”.

That being said what really ought to be happening is Abolishing the separation, not glorifying it. Nobody’s right or wrong on this, different humans have different interests AND THAT’S IT.

I’ve had personal experience on this, i mean who really hasn’t, I grew up watching anime and reading manga. I build and maintain computers, i have near max level characters in a not insignificant number of MMO’s. I play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends on the weekends, and i’m cosplaying at Otakon next weekend. I could easily hide behind the Geek banner, but why would i want to separate myself like that. What possible benefit would i receive?

The truth is, the proud geeks in this are the biggest problem, “geeks” think they’re the majority and bash the outsiders all the time, but guess what, They want to hear the play by play of your latest bossing trip about as much as you want to listen to the passing stats of Bret Favre. They care just as little about the timelines of the Doctors as you do about Batting averages.

You know what that’s just FINE. I know it hasn’t been the headline of many news papers recently, but news flash, people like different things. And across the bored they dislike hearing about the things they care about the least.

So in closing, as long as you don’t lecture me on does and doesn’t deserve to be inducted into the baseball hall of fame , i won’t make you feign interest in my latest skill set I’ve chosen for my Level 2 sorcerer.

Is that really not a practical solution? do we really need to draw a line in the sand and choose sides? Or can we just go back to playing/watching, and go about our business.


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