The video on this one is One of my favorite Game reviewers, Yahtzee who submits under Escapist Magazine, He’s a Brilliant guy who if you haven’t heard of you really should check out

This weekend if proportioned out into a percentage ratio would have to be as such, 20% golf, 50% video games, 20% watching harry potter on ABC Family with the girlfriend, 7% sleep, and 3% watching Sebastian vettel cross the finish line in third place with a crippled formula 1 Car thrown over his shoulder as all the announcers talk about what a dick he is.

So it’s sort of hard to make an interesting post about any of those things on their own, maybe i can go for the EA games approach and see if i can just throw a bunch of slightly entertaining things into one one heaping pile so as to be viewed as somewhat interesting by the onlooker, with the slight difference that i won’t charge you to look, or have to perform micro transactions to move items to see others more clearly.

Achievements this weekend checked off

Get up at 5 am to go play golf for free: CHECK

Get home and watch harry potter for 4 hours: CHECK

People you invited over for D&D mysteriously don’t show up: CHECK

Realize they’re not coming so watch 3 more hours of Harry Potter with My girlfriend :CHECK

Message friends Asking them if they want to finish up the shoot many robots campaign on insane mode because my girlfriend is a normal human that likes to go to bed at 2 am: CHECK

Fully conquer Shoot Many Robots on insane mode and celebrate as you check your mouse for damage from gripping it so tightly: CHECK

Realize it’s 5:30 and go to bed: CHECK

Wake up before 10 Sunday morning to be ready to see a friend’s show: uh… not so much
Get to Finish up work on staff for girlfriend’s FF13 cosplay: NOPE

Watch Hungary Grand Prix and listen to the announcers talk about Sebastian Vettel as if he were some sort of villain: CHECK

More Harry Potter:CHECK

All in all it was a pretty great weekend,

In other news, i finished Farcry 3 and am now traipsing through Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite, Which thus far i am liking, I will probably talk about them more once i am a bit further in them, But That should get things caught up for me


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