Being a gamer is getting progressively more expensive.

Being a gamer is getting progressively more expensive.

I have been playing Video games since i was about 6 or 7. that’s a little over 15 years of electronic achievements, bogus in game dollars, pointless points, and rankings that could be destroyed with a decently powerful magnet in the proper place. So I haven’t been around long enough to see the invention of digital gaming, But i would say that i have been around to see its real rise from a toy to a hobby that is fairly respected. I’ve grown up wading through game stores and the now extinct video rental businesses, and it’s really starting to feel like the games themselves are growing too.I’m not wrong, they have.

In the late 80’s obviously the longest game released and publicly accepted was legend of zelda, which currently can be completed in a speed run of about 40 minutes onaverage, there are videos of low 30’s but lets not go into record attempts. The amount of time for single playthroughs and full completions has been consistently on the rise, all the way into the Final Fantasy and Shin Megami Tensei games, the latter of which have been caught traversing into the 100+ hour range.
So obviously Game size and most assuredly cost were on the rise. Well actually no, The Nintendo Entertainment System hit store shelves at $199 USD, ( accounting for inflation over the last 25 years that’s about $405 USD in today’s cash)
and the big name games were around 20-30 dollars ( around 50-60 dollars today) So in reality the Games industry has stayed pretty solid, on its pricing.

I should take this opportunity to point out that of course i am a PC player, who does admittedly also have an xbox that got more or less turned into a netflix/hulu box on my tv most of the time because i only have 4 games for it. Disregarding the Xbox, PC is a more expensive medium by most standards, and i do have to agree, my roughly 1500-2000 dollar PC has a much more significant initial impact on the wallet than a $150 xbox 360 arcade. That being said however, i don’t feel slighted by any means because that money i feel benefits me more than the xbox 360 ever could have. I don’t want this post to be a flame starter in the already tense console wars, So i am going to DISREGARD INITIAL COST OF BOTH OPTIONS.

Games have Done a pretty good job of staying at roughly the same cost over the years, but why does it feel like they cost more now? Of course there are digital deluxe editions and collectors editions, and all sorts of upsold games to people who really love them and want those version, but even today just to keep up with the latest releases you’re spending thousands a year on games, Why is that.

for starters Day1 DLC, i HATE day 1 dlc, this was thought up by some marketing guy somewhere that figured out they can cut out parts of a game and then sell us back the parts they cut out. As if you are walking out of a movie theater and realize your car is on blocks while a conveniently placed used wheel/tire salesmen stands there looking to sell a set of wheels that look suspiciously like your own for 400 bucks each. That’s the first thorn in my side, because now to get the whole game you’re loking at 80-100 dollars. So in that essense they aren’t sticking to the linear pricing that has been the staple of the industry for the last 25 years.

Not all games require Day1 Dlc to play however, so i can’t really hold this against the entire market,
I have to wonder these days whether games have become harder or easier to produce with all these advancements in technology we’ve had. Yes of course standards are raised becuase of the new technology, play some FF7 and then look at the trailer for FF15 the difference is nothing short of ridiculous. Textures and models have become so detailed now, it must take dozens of hours to fully develop a character, but again, it’s easier and faster now thanks to computers being more powerful on the creation side of things as well. It probably does cost more money to produce a game now, and of course the popularity of piracy is ever growing. So is it fair of us to expect the cost of Gaming to not increase?

The last thing i Realized when typing this is that everything has pretty much stayed the same, games cost roughly the same, consoles cost roughly the same, the only things that have really grown is production cost and the consumer base, and i suppose the number of developers.

Realization, games DON’T cost more now than they did before, there are just more of them we want to play. a new triple A title comes out at least every month, and of course there are tons of other games flooding in too, maybe games AREN’T more expensive, perhaps we as the consumer just want more of them?

How many games a month do you buy? whether you’re console or PC, how many games a month do you purchase, and how many more do you wish you COULD purchase?

EDIT: after posting this i was checking out one of my favorite Youtube personalities  Boogie2988, and it seems he did a vlog as one of his characters Francis on essentially the same thing. It was a great video and i wanted to post it here as well. Check out his stuff, it’s really great.


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