In the coming months- Watchdogs

I am usually not one to get too worked up about coming games. Frankly i make it a point NOT to pay attention to launch dates, because i am the kind of impatient guy that can’t stand to wait, i’d much sooner blank it form my memory until i see the news alert on steam that says “Your watched game is ready for purchase/download.” This however is a nearly unprecedented event where i can’t do that, Regardless of what else i put in my mind to distract myself, November 19th is firmly welded to my frontal lobe. This is not unprecedented mind you, when Need For Speed Hot Pursuit was Going to be Made with Criterion, the makers of Burnout Revenge, I immediately dug up every scrap of info i could find on that project, and subsequently i counted down the days until its release. Now it is happening again, with an new game, Watchdogs.

Watchdogs is a Sandbox shooter with a concept i find really amazing. In what i think would be fair to call a futuristic representation of George Orwell’s 1984 where everything from our phones to traffic lights are controlled and monitored remotely using “CtOS” Which is short for Centralized Operating System. These systems are controlled by large Organizations whose soul purpose is to gather data shadows of every living person, with varying intents ranging from selling products to influencing world views to hunting down anyone running these computers feels a desire to. Really this game is almost a story of ” what would happen if Google and the government teamed up, and the person keeping an eye on things happened to be…Human.” Where there Is power, there is corruption, as pretty much every movie, game, book, or historical event will tell you, so of course unbeknownst to the public  under the table dealings are the norm, and “wanted criminals” are only “wanted” in the sense that they’d be a great human trafficking target. It seems the Police are also instructed by this system, and are only pawns in the grand scheme of corruption and abuse of power. Enter the “Watch_Dogs”, a group of vigilantes who have found a way to exploit this network to deal with criminals where normal law enforcement can’t or won’t do the job.

This is all the information i know about the context of the game, and I must say I am really, REALLY excited by the concept. I wouldn’t call myself a paranoid person who thinks the government is out to get me, but this really isn’t that far out there in the grand scheme of things. Even just recently we had this NSA monitored and stored information thing that pretty much gives them the power to dig up SOMETHING on anyone they really choose to. I’m not saying they DO this, but if the right people wanted to, i’m sure you could be carted off under the accusation of terrorism and you think the general public is going to try and protect someone the all knowing government has declared a threat to American safety? Ha, you’ll be lucky to get a fair trial out of it.

Regardless of my views on giving humans power ( an image of Caligula just flashed through my mind) , The gameplay looks to be pretty great, putting you in control of a master hacker who can cause havoc with the press of a button, I’ve seen so far in demos that you can jam electronic devices, mess with traffic lights, cut the power of a general region, and listen in on about any message you want from other people while you dig up everything they’ve ever done and save the records on your phone. This is only what i’ve seen in trainers and demos thus far, so there may be more or there may be less, but from what i have seen, i know i WANT this game.

Thank for reading, and if you’re as excited for Watchdogs as i am please share it in the comments. Also don’t tell what i said about the NSA scandal because she hates when i talk about it.


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