Saints Row the 3rd

Saints Row the 3rd

A while ago i got this game in an incredible THQ bundle on a steam sale i just couldn’t pass up, I had seen some hype on the internet, and a few rave reviews, but nothing in a way that made me say i NEEEDED to possess this game, and i’ll be honset, with so many triple A titles coming out right now that’s about all i have the spare cash lying around for, otherwise i wait til they’re 15 bucks on steam and pick them up then. So anyway a day after i bought the bundle and was charging through a monster filled metro tunnel with my home made rack-machine gun in metro 2033 i Get a message on skype from my friend zog ,” omg you have saints row the 3rd, lets play co-op! so i got to the city and saved my game of metro 2033 and changed gears to saints row.

I really wasn’t sure what to expect from this title. Actually scratch that, I knew exactly what I expected based solely off images from review sites, I was expecting an off brand copycat of the grand theft auto series, which i’ve had a love hate relationship with ever since vice city for the xbox. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, I mean While i wasn’t in love with the grand theft auto series since about GTA 4, though they were always fun, and knowing Zog, some sandbox destruction was surely going to be a good bit of fun.

Once connected we started i of course had to do the first mission, which again i never liked the actual story in GTA because it was alot of point to point and kill this dude then talk to his boss type stuff. This was the LAST time GTA even crossed my mind, ass soon as the mission began it was a full scale bank robbery, done by the infamous third street saints, wearing masks of their leader. The only way to begin describing the action that ensued was Ludicrousity. dozens of dozens of swat members indiscriminately gunned down By myself, zog, and the NPC Saints. Things keep escalating from intense, to crazy, to insanity, to just plain silliness as your character breaks free of a plane, has a free-Fall-Firefight as you dodge debris from the plane you just broke free of. This game was turning out to be a nonstop roller coaster of implausible to impossible things. It got even CRAZIER when you decide to execute your foe by smashing through the cockpit of a cargo plane while in free fall, killing its pilot, and then flying through the back of the plane to re-save one of your homies shaundi and deploy your parachute and saving both your lives.

This is just the first mission, and i promise to you i didn’t exaggerate a single thing. It was an amazing thing to watch/ play, now this also brought about doubts. I was immediately concerned about two things 1. is this game going to escalate to insanity in the first hour and then just dwindle because the writers left nowhere to go? and 2. something i really dreaded was that this might be one of those games where your character is a freaking super hero that can jump from planes without a parachute in cut-scenes, but a 10 foot fall when you’re at the helm leaves you polygon puddle.

Once you’ve killed over a hundred people, dove through planes, and met with the leader of the Gang known as The Syndicate, you get your first taste of the open Sandbox city of steelport, and are introduced to the bonus abilities leveling system, which throughout the game turns your character from a simply fearless bad ass individual with a propensity for weapons, power and mayhem, Into a full fledged bulletproof, fireproof, splatter proof, Demigod. Your Resilience isn’t the only thing that levels up however, you can upgrade your weapons, gang members, and hideouts as well.

After a few more missions in which i had stormed a military base and stolen a drone controller, assumed control of one of the Morning Star’s hideouts, Freed the roided up Clone source Oleg, Assisted a Pimp named Zimos who only talks in Autotune to gather some Hoes to make some money, Beat down/chainsawed a few dozen masked Luchadore fighters, done millions if not billions of dollars in property damage, stole at least one of every vehicle in Steelport to my garage, commandeered a few tanks and military aircraft, Incurred the wrath of a large Paramilitary orginization, Met burt Reynolds, and helped contain a Zombie outbreak, took over a nuclear power plant, Had a digital battle with a master hacker, and blew up a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. I still had an indeterminate amount of game left.

Let me pause here and point out a few things That i think this game knocked out of the ballpark

-Character Creation- this Game has easily the most in depth character creation options of any game i’ve ever seen.

-Weapons- The weapons in this game traverse the entire lineup from average to ridiculous and everywhere in between, there is no shortage of devices that can level entire city blocks even at the earliest stages of the game, And once you get a weapon, you have it forever, and you can always buy more ammo ( only exception is gattling guns and flamethrowers carried by brutes, you can’t store them.)

-Vehicles- Whenever you steal a vehicle in Saints Row the 3rd you can take it back to the crib to store in your garage, and then you have that car forever, and an infinite number of them as well which you can upgrade at any crib you own. this includes tanks, aircraft, and boats as well, so once you’ve stolen a few cars going to your garage is like a smorgasbord of high performance metal at your fingertips.

– Characters- This game was written in such a way that it is both epic and hilarious, sure there there is ALOT of vulgarity for vulgarity sake, but that’s what this game is all about and I think that’s to be expected.

-Missions- Missions are a lot of fun, and always entertaining, there are never courier missions where you are a glorified delivery boy, Those are beneath you.

After finishing the entire game to 100% completion (twice) My two unfounded concerns i listed earlier were just that, unfounded. Saints Row does two things incredibly well, it keeps the fun factor high throughout the entire thing, aside from a few escort missions where it’s a little easy to blow up the purple car along with the blue ones, the challenge is always given in such a way that it is rewarding to rise to.

The number one thing though that makes this game absolutely excellent for me though, is what i’ve been neglecting to mention all along, This game makes your character the freakin MAN. Under Your command there is nothing this guy can’t do, fly swim or drive, you are an unstoppable machine with unlimited resources to be dealt out at solely your discretion. Cars, money, people, firepower, It’s all in your control , and that is what makes Saints row my current Favorite game for some sit back and let the carnage begin action

I can’t wait to get my hands on Saints row 4


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