Rosario Vampire, no really, you may be surprised.

Rosario Vampire, no really, you may be surprised.

Now bear with me here… you’re going to google this anime and what you find is going to make make you think twice about watching it, but I promise the story is much better than you’d think,

Also before I go into this very far i feel i should explain the way i choose an anime to watch, i look at the title, and i look at the image associated, and i choose based solely on that. I make it a point never to read descriptions of something before i watch it, because even those tell you what to expect in the first 5-10 episodes, and i dislike that. So this said, I went into this with NO idea what to expect, maybe that’s what stopped me from passing it up. I highly suggest you try this sometime, you’d be surprised how much you enjoy having no idea what’s coming.
so really my personal suggestion to you right now would to be to STOP READING RIGHT NOW, toddle over to netflix or your favorite anime streaming site, and dive in. If you still need more convincing here’s some more information

So I stumbled upon this anime a few weeks ago on Netflix when i was over at my girlfriend’s place, we wanted an anime to watch and between the title and the attached image seemed like something we’d like, so we started it up. Let the ride begin.

Our story starts with a Boy named Tsukune taking his entrance exams for high school, tension mounts as his friends celebrate and plan their high school days, but contrary to to the usual story, wherein the build up leads to a joyous occasion where he passes the test and everything ends up great…. he doesn’t. He fails, He fails so badly that no school will accept him. (Which i must say now holds the record for fastest anime to shatter my assumptions of what is going to happen.) He wallows in pity until his dad comes across a strange envelope a hooded stranger drops. Surprise surprise it’s information needed to attend a highschool. Of course tsukune takes this opportunity to go to this school.

He is barely off the bus when he gets run over by what i consider the primary female lead (/co-lead, more on that later) Moka Akashiya, After the usual fan service and the obligatory anime you land on me i grab your boobs, you think i am a pervert, 10 seconds later we’re best friends antics, which i will hitherto refer to as Accidental Molestation Red Rover, or AMRR for short. Yes, it happens SO OFTEN in this anime that i came up with a term for it. She tells him that she is a vampire and that she can’t resist sucking his blood because it smells so delicious, this becomes a recurring theme later as well as a liability for Tsukune because not only does he smell like a human, he’s consistently got a hot vampire hanging off his neck. Anyway it is rapidly revealed that Yokai academy, is a school exclusively for monsters and that any human found on campus would be killed on sight.

This is where Tsukune has the first logical thought of the show, He realizes he needs to get out of there before his secret is discovered and he is ripped to shreds buy one of the countless monsters surrounding him that could crunch him preeeetty easily, although he apparently has super human endurance solely based on the number of times he gets beaten senseless with giant maces and hammers and lives somehow, Again I am skipping forward a bit, So Tsukune soon finds out that the bus only makes the trip to Yokai Academy once a month, so he is forced to walk the knife’s edge of classes with monsters willing to crush him any chance they get. Meanwhile becoming suddenly prominent around school is a Girl named Kurumu Kurono, who seems to be able to hypnotize boys to do whatever she wants of them. Another anime cliche’ kicks in right where the awkward romance left off, where moka is jealous of Tsukune suddenly being turned to a man-servent of Kurumu. The viewer is forced to watch Tsukune’s internal struggle as he is forced to say hurtful things to moka an worship the ground Kurumu walks on.

Fortunately Tsukune is able to break Kurumu’s Succubus spell, tear off the Rosary around Moka’s neck releasing her full vampire powers as well as her alter ego who saves him from Kurumu’s rage. After some AMRR, Kurumu is now friends with Moka and Tsukune after she promises not to use her love hypnosis powers on him any more. This pattern essentially repeats itself for a large portion of season 1, but each time is unique, and never really seems to get stale.

Season 2 does a 180 and takes on a more direct path of conflict and resolution as well as introducing the first really significant antagonist that lasts more than a single episode, as well as problems on a scale other than Tsukune’s safety. Again it’s really something you have to watch for yourself to get the true feeling of, and it really does have some truly hilarious moments, especially some of the narration done by Nazo Koumori A.K.A. Kou the bat creature. And some excellent use of discreet fourth wall breakage.

Rosario Vampire does it’s job well in managing to deliver a great story, with some really great monster battles, in a package that Doesn’t take itself too seriously, The characters are all very unique and likeable, some with a heavy wear-in period as i like to call it, but as a group all the characters work well together. I was surprised in some cases how well the characters played off of each other. By the end of the series I came to like each character individually to an extent that i really didn’t expect to. I especially loved Tia Ballard’s vocal performance of Mizore Shirayuki, With the combination combination of her voice, and the writing that made her so blunt and direct, she easily became my favorite of the girls and among this crew i really consider that impressive.

So in conclusion, if you don’t mind Gratuitous fan service, and are alright with a few of the standard anime cliche’s i really suggest you give this one a watch,

Thanks for reading, Hopefully someone else out there watched this series and agrees witha t least some of the things i said.


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