Pc Gamers go hand in hand with PC Modders

As I was typing about the PC gaming community yesterday something apparently clicked in my head, because all i can think of since typing that article is PC modding. One of the very staples of being a system builder.
I’ve been a member of the hardware modding crowd for as long as I have been interested in computers really . Ever since i got my acer aspire 3100 in 2006, tore all its guts out and replaced them in 2007, and subsequently got it banned from my College Campus in 2008 for various reasons. I’ll post one day if the mood strikes me about the time i took an old royale typewriter to class, but for now lets stick to topic.

The video I posted today wasn’t necessarily the most impressive rig i’ve built, What with an off the shelf unmodified case, and the only real “custom” feature on it being the sound sensitive cold cathode system inside. That being said however, this one is special to me, for two reasons actually.
The primary reason, of course, is that this was the first step i took away from Off the shelf system building, and into the case mod arena. It’s kind of like your first car, or at least like the first alteration you make to your car.
The second thing that made this rig important to me is that it was actually mine! I didn’t realize until i had done a few for other people’s custom designs, but there is a certain fondness you reach for your creations. Sometimes it is actually pretty hard when you’ve spent a good amount of time on a machine, when you’ve finally reached that moment when you take a step back to look at it and say to yourself ” It’s finished, that’s what i want it to look like.” Actually i lied, that part’s pretty great and fulfilling. It’s the sentence that always succeeds that one that really gets you, that sentence of course being, ” i guess i’ll go call the owner to come pick it up.”

I suppose it’s like anything else where you create something from your own mind, I wonder if Leonardo Davinci was ever sad to see his paintings be bought and taken away. Not that i am in any way comparing myself to one of mankind’s greatest artists / inventors, but the creator-creation link is similar. Well i suppose Leonardo, like i should, just moved onto the next canvas to create anew, But if there isn’t some sort of pride and/or attachment to something can you really call it your best?

I strive to do my best on any project i work on, at least when modding and building are concerned. I suppose i could have done a better job cleaning the bathroom last night… and my laundry could’ve been folded with a bit more care. Regardless of the quality of daily chores, when you create something, and you put your full effort into it, usually you’ll like the result. And i can pretty assuredly say that Every Build that I’ve done thus far where I’ve been given creative freedom, I’ve liked the result, and realistically, if you can please yourself, and that in turn blows away the final owner, what else really matters?

There will always be a fondness for this particular machine in my memory, maybe because it set at my desk happily flashing every day. Maybe it was just because it was my first, maybe I’ve just got an inherent weakness for flashing lights in accordance with music or outside sounds. Whatever the reasoning, this one is special to me.


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