Shoot Many Robots, and views on online CO-OP

Shoot Many Robots, and views on online CO-OP

Now this wasn’t a great game before and it really hasn’t changed much… however…. it is now a pocket friendly 6 bucks, and you can get a 4 pack for under 20 dollars.

this means that without much hardship you can buy yourself and 3 friends this game, gifted via steam, a quick download and you can be shooting many…many robots together. Now this game was a bit of a flop when it came out for X-box and Ps3 because of it’s weird controls and an issue of too much chaos when things really got heated. HOWEVER on the PC the wonderful world of custom controls creation absolutely alleviates any control issue for me, it seems like this was what the game was designed for and clearly it seems to work the best.

Yesterday a I logged into steam to find that my friend Thrakorzog had gifted me Shoot Many Robots, turns out he’d bought a 4 pack and gifted out the others, So excited for a new game i’d never even heard of i obligingly jumped in. Strangely enough the imagery reminded me of Plants vs zombies, and after a quick pause to set the video options to maximum we were off shooting. and it was FUN. a few minutes of endless carnage later Butters and Dorito Pope joined in, and there was some right fine insanity going on, and again it was good. There was a pseudo strategy to it we liked, and quickly the chat was buzzing with calls of “nut sack on the left” and ” aoshi, get your pants on the upper right”. The leveling system was pretty fast and soon i was blasting away robots with my vicious 110% American machine gun.
Before i knew it 4 hours had passed and we all realized we’d better go to bed or we’d be dragging the next morning. A general consensus of “More tomorrow night” was reached and we went our separate ways.

Today I am sitting at my desk at work eating a Sub From Weis thinking, “hmm that game wasn’t that amazing, but i had a lot of fun last night playing it.”
I am still looking forward to tonight to play some more and blast some more robots, but it has just occurred to me, that this is what Online CO-OP strives for, playing a game with your friends, not necessarily in a demanding tactical squad based shooter, but just in a blast everything in sight and attempt not to die too often sense, what makes the experience fun is doing so with your friends.

Online CO OP is an awesome thing, but when you start to get down to the logistics, that feature is extremely limited. Sure it works fine for the must have games that of course all your friends own, but if it’s not among those titles, you are left with two options, find someone else to play with, or buy them the game and hope they like it enough to keep playing. Now video games are expensive enough now that i’m more than likely not going to drop $120 dollars buying a copy for my friend in addition to myself.

Shoot many Robots captures this perfectly i think, in that it’s an entertaining game, and it’s cheap enough that you don’t mind buying it for a squad of your chaps. Recently i’ve on through this same thing with Saints Row the third, but again, it was just 4.99 on steam on saturday, so i bought it for everyone i knew that didn’t have it yet, in hopes of playing with them as well.

Another issue i have with Online CO-OP is that if you don’t get the same game at the same time, it’s kinda not fun to play, Case and point Portal2, which i’ll say right now i LOVED, portal 2 was AMAZING, but if your friend already finished multiplayer once before, he knew exactly what to do and you essentially just watched him run through it again as he watches you lag behind. Likewise once you’ve played it through, playing with someone hasn’t is little short of torture, because you know exactly what they’re supposed to do and you try in vain not to ruin the game for them by telling them “just put portals there and there and i’ll do the rest” as you watch them feebly fumble for what to do as you sit there with your teeth clenched.

So in conclusion Online Co-op can be a wonderful thing or an awful thing, and not neccessarily because the game is good or bad, but moreso in how the mechanics works out.

Thanks for reading and if you’ve got any vivid examples for great or awful coop games please share them in the comments below.


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