Gaming Hardware: Mechanical gaming keyboards

Gaming Hardware: Mechanical gaming keyboards

For the past 5 years I’ve had my Trusty logitech G15 Gen 1, which at the time was very difficult to track down, i actually bought it in Italian and a friend of mine was nice enough to give me his english keys when his stopped working properly. I do love this keyboard, of all silicon dome switch keyboards this is easily my favorite one i’ve used. It has tons of macro keys, a lovely and physically functional set of media keys with a jog wheel to control volume which i think is underrated in keyboards these days, I dislike keyboards that have only volume up and volume down buttons, with a jog whel i can turn the volume down for a second and then turn it right back to where I had it, and it is a feature i am really not keen to give up. However… I bought a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX blue switches for at work because Monoprice had them on sale, and Ever since i’d used a friend’s blackout DAS keyboard i was hooked on the feel of mechanical keys.

I have been looking for the past few days just to see what is out there. Choosing a keyboard for my Gaming machine is a delicate affair for me, because I know i’m going to logging some serious hours on it. I hooked up my Monoprice mechanical keyboard to the machine and after about 20 minutes of Farcry 3 I knew that this was something i wanted., but i needed media keys, i needed macro keys, i wanted an lcd screen. and surprisingly… the keyboard i want simply doesn’t exist.

To my utter shock there isn’t a keyboard on this planet at the time of this posting that uses Mechanical switches, a wheeled volume control, and has a screen that displays information. How can this be? After some forum crawling I’ve found that an LCD screen is viewed as a gimmick. but again why? They are still pushed in droves on silicon dome switch keyboards. There don’t seem to be any power limitations that a mechanical board suffers from vs a silicon dome board, what is the reasoning for this.

Many people ask me,” why does your keyboard need extra buttons, and backlights, and media controls, and extra screens, why can’t you just be satisfied with a normal keyboard like anyone else?’
The simple answer to this question is because I can.
why did i spend 200 dollars on an antec 1200 case when a 30 dollar rosewell case holds just as much stuff.
Why pay 500 dollars on graphics cards when crysis 3 still runs on a gtx 550 if you turn all the settings down and drop your resolution.
because i can, because i can…. because i CAN.
The Pc gaming market is an interesting place, it’s a little bit about showing off, it’s a little bit about being practical, and it’s a little bit about getting the most from your games. I can’t explain the PC gaming culture as a whole, it’s just something you get into. But what i can say without any doubt, is that it’s about not compromising, The pc culture is this, If you have the money in your pocket, you can do whatever you want. If you want a machine chat can run every game out there at the cutting edge of what is technically possible right now, you can go out and buy a couple of GTX titans and SLI them together. If you want your computer to have flashing lights that flash in tune with music, it can easily be done. If you were to desire a jewel encrusted pc case that shoots flames whenever you press the enter button on your keyboard, with enough money, it can be done.

I just so happened 5 years ago to think, “i want a keyboard that glows blue, has a bunch of extra buttons, an lcd screen that displays all kinds of neat information , and a little jog wheel you can use to control the volume of whatever is going on” A quick google search later, oh, there’s one, it’s a little pricey, but that’s what i want. So i bought it, not because i needed it, but because i wanted it. I bought it because i like when people come to my house and see in my computer room and say ” what is that monstrosity on your desk!?” and i am always delighted to say “That, sir, Is a logitech g-15 gen 1, and yes, it is amazing”.  PC gamers aren’t a group of people who only care about function. We are a community that cares about…. everything, No compromises, no sacrifices, no trade in’s. The only limits to what PC gamers and system builders can to today is how much money is in your pocket, and what is physically possible in computing right now. That is why i feel that PC gaming is the pinnacle of gaming, and that is why i participate in this wild culture.

The only think confusing me now is why graphics card companies will make thousand dollar graphics cards, but keyboard manufacturers, especially the giants, Logitech, Corsair,madcatz. Why have they not stepped up, and made a keyboard that has everything? the technology is there, the market is there,  the only thing missing is the product.

As always thanks for reading, and let me know your thoughts on the PC gaming market.



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