A step away from the keyboard, Catherine

A step away from the keyboard, Catherine

I am almost exclusively a PC gamer, but there are a few titles that manage to get me out of my chair and onto my couch.

Today I’d like to talk a little bit about Catherine, A very tough puzzler with a pretty neat premise that is carried out EXCELLENTLY. Now I know what some of you are thinking, ” Isn’t Catherine that game where you cheat on two women and the cut-scenes are in anime format, and the whole thing has a weird morality thing that tells you you’re either awful or not awful based on vague questions?” And to that i say, yes, yes it is. But are those really reasons to overlook a game that I’ve gotta say has really unique story that is done REALLY well?

You start off this game meeting your protagonist Vincent, A computer programmer who spends his evenings drinking the night away with his friends at The Stray Sheep, a local bar. The real story begins when you start having nightmares where everyone else is sheep and the only way to survive long enough to wake up the next morning Is to keep climbing up towers of blocks before they fall away and you hurdle to your death in a pile of fallen blocks. One night there conveniently off camera you stumble home drunk and wake up with a blonde in your bed. This is where the story really starts. You the player must decide how to handle your girlfriend Katherine, and this new girl Catherine,Following me so far? Good.
The intensity rises as mysterious deaths continue to pile up and depending on how you play, even taking those around you and your friends at the bar.

Onto those puzzles, I’d say this Title might be the HARDEST I’ve played on Xbox360, my first play through was on Easy difficulty, and Sheesh, once i got around nights 8 and 9 I began wondering fearfully about what medium and hard must be like. Graciously in easy and normal mode you can Undo the last few moves, but in hard mode you’re only option is to restart should you climb yourself into a corner. There is also a Very easy mode that can be unlocked by holding down select when the golden theater is highlighted, though i never actually played in Very Easy so i have no idea what difference it makes.

Beyond the complex story, moral system , imagery, and punishing puzzles, The sounds And voice acting in this game are Really top notch.
The soundtrack also is Wonderful, and towards the end of the game you’ll be thankful they change them out so frequently, because on normal and hard modes you’ll be repeating levels, A LOT.

This game is a lot of fun and if you haven’t played it, and have a taste for a challenge, drop 15 bucks and pick this up.

Also if you’ve beaten this game on hard mode please let me know in the comments so i can worship you properly, You psychotically talented cube crawler


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