The life of a chicken chaser

The life of a chicken chaser

I’ve been thinking about my favorite parts of my favorite games recently, And i couldn’t help but be taken back to the original Fable and by extension Fable the Lost Chapters, I burnt soo many hours on this game getting every key and every weapon and all the fight ring events, it was The first game that i urged for FULL completion since my delve into legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time.

As i recall this game recieved Rave reviews when it was first released for the xbox in 2004, I of course had to pick it up and played it…. religiously for so much time that my parents began to call our furnished basement where the xbox was hooked up ” the dungeon” because i’d disappear down there and play every waking moment i had.

I don’t even remember what made this game so great for me, just that i really truly enjoyed playing it, I do recall loving the hidden items everywhere and it’s dirty humor, and especially the amount of choice you had in this game, which again, at the time for me was pretty revolutionary, MY morality could be developed virtual world and there were times where my actions could drastically change the outcome of the game.

It also had one of the coolest endings of a game i had played at the time, and how differently you played made a massive difference in the ending, even beyond that the battles were always fun and strategic and i really liked that mix of hack and slash and strategic spellcastery. Strategic leveling and exp use was also a great head scratcher at times because you really felt that leveling up there made a significant difference.

I don’t know if anyone else had as great a reaction to this game as i did, but if you did, what was your favorite aspects?


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