was CRYSIS3 what i expected

was CRYSIS3 what i expected

So it’s no secret that The CRYSIS series has been one of the staples in my interest in gaming, when the original came out i couldn’t even play it on full settings, practically no one could at that time, but even on medium it was one of the best looking games i’d ever seen and the fact there were higher settings excited me even more. This game was the game that decided for me that a laptop wasn’t enough for me and prompted me to build my first PC.

This has been a wonderful experience for me, and it of course was the very first game i played on my self built machine in 2008, but I think nothing can live up to that feeling for me anymore.

Crysis and by extension Crysis Warhead are two games i put high on a pedestal that i’m not even sure if they deserved, or i just wanted them to deserve at the time.

With Crysis 2 i was a little disappointed, but still really liked the story, and the development and combat were pretty good, but i just didn’t feel like a super soldier anymore in Crysis2, i felt like my powers had been reigned in and that there were invisible walls everywhere forcing me to follow the single path the game wanted with no choice at all. Still though the story and the nanosuit kept me playing, and i really did like the introduction of the seth in their gelatinous forms and exoskeletons. Overall I did like Crysis2 but it just didn’t really recapture that feel of the original.

I recently did 2 playthroughs of Crysis 3 because i just so badly wanted it to be great, but it was just… average.
I did feel like a super human agian, sneaking through the grass and ninja-ing around which i would like to point out they did capture REALLY well. but again, areas weren’t open, and everything just felt so scripted like i was along for the ride. I don’t think anything ever will live up to what i am hoping for in a crysis sequel, and i’m not even sure i’ll get another one, But i was really disappointed in what this failed to capture for me.

It was still a great game, but not great, hopefully bioshock infinite will live up to what has been said about it and i’ll find another truly great gaming experience.


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