Latest Must See Anime

Latest Must See Anime

Recently my girlfriend and I finished watching this new anime called Sword Art Online and we both found it to be utterly amazing.

The synopsis without any spoilers is that kirito a then 14 year old gamer is a beta tester for a virtual reality game called Sword art online, and it uses virtual reality in the sense of .hack sign, not just a screen and a controller like oculous rift.
Once the game goes life however one of the main programmers removes the “log out” option from their in game menus he appears to tell them that the only way to escape is to finish the game, all 100 floors, and that death in game= death in real life, also if someone attempts to remove your helmet it fries your brain, so the 10,000 players are forced to adapt to life in this game.

If this sounds like a cool concept to you, you’ll find the presentation even BETTER. This show is so well done that overall it has become my favorite anime for the time being, narrowly beating out Hellsing Ultimate which has managed to hold onto that title for almost 3 years now, and i still love, both of these animes are a definite must see in my opinion.

both also happen to be on HULU+ right now, so if you’re sitting on your couch not sure which game to throw in your xbox i urge you to give this series a try.


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